About Nexelec

Nexelec has been dedicated to building security and environmental monitoring for over a decade. Our expertise in fire safety is recognized by professionals, and we strive to offer you a complete range of state-of-the-art ambient sensors for occupant comfort.

We innovate for residents' safety

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and intelligent solutions to enhance the security of your assets. Our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, including our connected versions, are the result of our ongoing commitment to research and innovation.

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Sonde CO2 LoRaWAN / co2 sensor
Sonde CO2 LoRaWAN / safety

Innovation for building performance

Our expertise in room sensor design is recognized as state-of-the-art. We offer reliable, high-performance solutions for monitoring air quality, temperature, humidity, noise and brightness. Rely on our expertise to guarantee the well-being of your occupants.

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Eco-design and sustainable commitment

We firmly believe in environmental responsibility. That’s why we design our products with durability in mind, with a minimum target of 10 years’ operation. We do our utmost to minimize our impact on the planet while providing quality products. As a French company based in Brittany, close to the Morbihan regional nature park, we are particularly committed to preserving our environment.

Sonde CO2 LoRaWAN / co2 sensor
Sonde CO2 LoRaWAN / co2 sensor safety

Competitiveness and reliability

We understand that safety shouldn’t be a luxury. We firmly believe that by improving Indoor Air Quality monitoring and making our IoT sensors accessible to as many people as possible, we can contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. We strive to make our products affordable and ever more efficient, without compromising quality.

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