Product optimization

Nexelec integrates a low-consumption electrical architecture, extending battery life by up to 20 years, to reduce the need for batteries.

Renewable Resources

We favor the use of recycled plastics for our components and are working towards 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.


Our series of sensors with replaceable batteries is designed to significantly extend the durability of our products.

Packaging Management

We minimize our packaging waste by recycling shipping cartons in collaboration with our suppliers, and adjust our packaging options according to customer preferences.

Printing and Documents

Paper labels are replaced by laser marking for easy recycling, and documentation is available online, reducing paper use.

Repair and Recycling

Our products are designed to be repairable and reusable. Almost 90% of returns are repaired, thanks to an efficient after-sales service and a policy of re-using components. Nexelec works with ECOLOGIC to manage electronic waste in an eco-responsible way.

Energy efficiency and digitalization

Radio emissions from Nexelec products are optimized to preserve batteries. Cloud data is stored according to customer needs, with a default limit of three years.

Eco-responsible mobility

We encourage car pooling and train travel, and maximize the use of videoconferencing for meetings.

Remote maintenance

Devices equipped with LoRaWAN radio modules can be remotely re-parameterized, reducing the need to travel for service and updates.

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