Accessories for the deaf and hearing-impaired

Detecting fire alarms can be complex for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. That’s why Nexelec has developed a range of accessories specially designed to be compatible with our detectors and meet our customers’ expectations in this area.

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Capteur CO2 connecté / Alarm for the deaf and hearing-impaired

Frequently Asked Questions

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The VIBRATE vibrating cushion is an accessory to the ALERT visual and audible alarm system, specifically designed for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

The VIBRATE vibrating cushion is compatible only with the ALERT visual and audible alarm system.

Radio interconnection is compatible with ORIGIN, ORIGIN+, GUARD, GUARD+ smoke detectors, AIR and AIR+ carbon monoxide detectors.

To interconnect your detectors to the ALERT product, simply press :

  • Press the button at the bottom right of the first ALERT detector twice
  • Press the central button of the second product twice

An orange LED appears on each product. When the devices are connected, the LEDs on both detectors go out.

To add an additional detector :

  • Press twice on a detector already in the network and twice on the detector to be connected: an orange LED appears on both products.
  • Wait for LEDs to go out: the product has successfully joined the existing network.

ALERT can be freely installed on a table, or mounted on a flush-mounted box or wall using the adhesive fastener (included).

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