A variety of accessories for your products

Nexelec offers a selection of accessories to accompany its devices, including batteries, universal renovation bases and adhesive fasteners for detectors. Depending on the location and intended use of your product, you can choose the accessory that best suits your needs.

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Capteur CO2 connecté / batteries and accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

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The MOUNT mounting base is compatible with certain products in the Nexelec range.

List of compatible products :


Make sure the MOUNT base is securely fastened to its mounting bracket.

To install the detector :

  • Position the detector so that it fits lightly into its base
  • Turn a quarter turn to the right to engage the detector

The detector is now in place.

MOUNT+ can be attached to a support in two different ways:

  • With screws and plugs (supplied)
  • An approved 3M adhesive mount (optional accessory)

TAPE is an approved adhesive fastener for MOUNT and MOUNT+ mounting bases.

To attach the TAPE adhesive :

  • Peel off the white film
  • Glue TAPE to the back of a MOUNT or MOUNT+ mounting base
  • Remove the red film
  • Apply strong pressure for 10 seconds to the surface of your choice.
  • Wait 30 seconds before snapping the detector onto its mounting base.


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