Presence and motion detection: Building efficiency and comfort

Presence and motion detection is crucial in a variety of business environments, making a significant contribution to efficient resource management and employee comfort. It optimizes lighting, air conditioning and security, while saving energy.

Presence sensors significantly improve comfort and safety in the workplace.

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Depending on the model, products offer lighting and energy optimization, acoustic monitoring, space and safety management, and automation scenario options.

Measuring occupancy rates is essential for the smooth running of interior spaces. Measurements can be analyzed to make informed decisions: optimize space layout, identify under-used or overcrowded areas, and adjust resources according to actual needs.

With NEXELEC presence sensors, you can maximize space efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the occupant experience.

A presence detector is a device that detects the presence of people in a given area for a defined period of time. NEXELEC presence sensors are designed to react quickly to movements and provide precise data on the actual occupancy level of spaces.

Presence sensors contribute to energy savings by detecting the presence or absence of people in a space. This means that lighting, heating, ventilation and other systems can be automatically adjusted according to this detection.

By reducing unnecessary energy consumption, NEXELEC presence sensors contribute to significant energy savings and lower energy costs.

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