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A gateway, also known as a gateway, is a device designed to route data to an application. This gateway enables remote reading and management of sensors, detectors and other products equipped with LoRaWAN radio modules. Nexelec Gateways are easy to use, with no need for complex configuration. It is managed from our NAVIXIS application. Our gateways feature LTE (3G/4G) connectivity with an integrated SIM card, offering multi-operator connectivity in over 150 countries.

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If no LTE network is available, then an Ethernet link can take over. The cable provides both data and power to the gateway up to 100 meters away.

The Gateway includes a GPS geolocation module. It enables the gateway to be located more quickly on a map in the NAVIXIS supervision application.

A micro SD card is built into the product. It stores up to 1 year of data in memory. Useful in the event of LTE or Ethernet network outages.

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