Nexelec: your fire safety partner since 2009

With a decade of experience behind it, Nexelec is a recognized player in fire safety. We are committed to protecting your assets with state-of-the-art products and an innovation-driven approach. Our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, including connected versions, embody our ongoing commitment to research and development.

The safety of people and property is our top priority. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and heat detectors have become an essential safety measure, and are often regulated by local or national authorities.

We are also firmly committed to eco-design and sustainability. Our ambition is to make safety accessible to all, while maintaining a perfect balance between competitiveness and quality.

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Capteur CO2 LoRaWAN / smoke alarm

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions

WARNING: for your own safety, do not disable your detector if it is operating correctly!

To switch off a sealed-battery detector, simply take a paper clip, insert it into the square hole at the back of the product, and pull slightly to raise the switch. If the detector has a changeable battery, simply remove the battery to switch the product off.

Please wait at least 20 seconds before switching the detector back on.

To interconnect ORIGIN / GUARD smoke detectors or AIR carbon monoxide detectors, simply press :

  • Press the central button of the first detector twice
  • Press the central button of the second detector twice

An orange LED appears on each product. When the devices are connected, the LEDs on both detectors go out.

To add an additional detector :

  • Press twice on the central button of a detector already in the network and twice on the central button of the new detector to be connected: an orange LED appears on both products.
  • Wait for LEDs to go out: the new detector has successfully joined the existing network.

The detector can emit various visual (LED flashing) and/or audible (beep) signals:

  • Normal operation: one green/minute LED flash
  • Audible alarm mode: one red LED flash/second + one beep/second
  • Audible alarm pause mode: one red LED flash/second
  • Low battery: one flashing orange LED + one beep/minute
  • Malfunction: one green LED flash/minute + two orange LED flashes/minute + two beeps/minute
  • End of detector life: one green LED flash/minute + three orange LED flashes/minute + three beeps/ minute
  • Test mode: Green and orange LEDs steady + red LED flashing + beeps during test

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