Save lives: the importance of smoke detectors in the home

Installing smoke alarms in homes is a major safety measure. These devices are designed to quickly detect the presence of smoke in the event of a fire. They then trigger an audible alarm, enabling occupants to react quickly and leave the building in complete safety. This helps save lives, minimize property damage and provide peace of mind in the event of a fire emergency. Smoke detectors have become an essential safety measure. They are often regulated by local or national authorities.

In less than 5 minutes, a fire can spread and fill a room with toxic and dangerous smoke. Every second counts to warn occupants and enable them to react quickly. That’s why our smoke detectors are designed to operate optimally for 10 years, and to react quickly to the slightest sign of danger.

Most residents consider smoke detectors to have an imposing, unattractive design. Our products combine technology with modern, minimalist design. As a result, they blend harmoniously with any interior design.

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Smoke detectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions

The detector emits a beep

If the detector beeps every minute, this indicates a low or discharged battery.
There are several reasons for battery discharge:

  • Failure to maintain the detector (dust at least once a year)
  • Repeated false alarms or sub-optimal operating conditions


The detector emits three beeps

Three repetitive beeps every minute or so indicate that the detector has detected a fault in its smoke sensor. Follow the test procedure below to clean and test the detector:

  • Remove the detector from its base (1/4 turn to the left).
  • Clean the detector using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that may have accumulated and interfered with the product’s operation.

  • Check detector operation. Press the central button for at least 3 seconds:

    • Case 1: If the detector emits a loud beep and the Red LED flashes, the detector is functional and should be reinstalled on its mounting base.
    • Case n°2: If the detector does not sound and the Red LED flashes dimly, the battery is low and the detector must be replaced.
    • Case 3: If the detector does not sound and the Red LED does not flash: wait 2 minutes.
      If the detector emits 3 consecutive beeps every minute, the sensor is faulty and the product must be replaced. If the detector does not beep, the battery is empty. The detector is no longer operational and must be replaced.

WARNING: for your own safety, do not disable your detector if it is operating correctly!

To switch off a sealed-battery detector, simply take a paper clip, insert it into the square hole at the back of the product, and pull slightly to raise the switch. If the detector has a changeable battery, simply remove the battery to switch the product off.

Please wait at least 20 seconds before switching the detector back on.

For all new products purchased, the company offers a commercial warranty on the durability of “Autonomous Warning Detectors” within the European Union, covering product defects with regard to the functions for which the detector was designed, in compliance with applicable standards, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This longer-term guarantee
is free of charge. It does not constitute insurance. It is in addition to your legal warranties of conformity and hidden defects.
This warranty applies subject to compliance with installation, assembly and maintenance instructions, as well as precautions and limitations of use.
of the product.

It does not apply if the product has been modified/adapted, disassembled, if the serial number is illegible, in the event of damage to the detector caused by improper storage conditions, failure to observe mounting and maintenance instructions and/or precautions and limits of use.

Any malfunction or non-operation of the detector due to dust and/or insect infestation, despite maintenance in accordance with these instructions, is considered to be normal wear and tear and is not covered by the warranty. For details of how to make use of the warranty, please refer to the Service section of the User Manual and follow the instructions.
In the event of a product defect detected by the after-sales service and if the conditions for implementing the commercial warranty defined above and those set out in the § After-sales service are met, NEXELEC undertakes to repair free of charge the product returned by you at your expense or to replace it with an identical product.



Before you can apply for the contractual warranty, you must consult the information available on the website and obtain a return number. No warranty claims will be accepted without a warranty number.

If a defect is detected during the warranty period, the purchaser must send the detector to NEXELEC’s after-sales service department at his own expense.
The detector must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase and a warranty claim form describing the defect.

Check beforehand the precautions and limits of use of the detector, as well as the maintenance recommendations given in the user manual.

The presence of dust, the immediate proximity of an artificial light source, or nearby air movement caused by a convector, air-conditioning or ventilation unit, can cause the detector to go off for no apparent reason.
To maintain it, simply clean your detector (at least once a year) using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, change its location.

Do not install the smoke detector in :

  • Less than 1.5 m from lighting fixtures: ceiling lights, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • A place where the detector is exposed to direct sunlight
  • Close to or above heaters, windows or other equipment that can generate air flows
  • Proximity to stray fumes: chimneys, furnaces, boilers, combustion radiators, etc.
  • A place where the temperature is below 4°C or above 45°C. A place where humidity is below 10% or above 95%: bathroom, laundry room, etc.
  • A dusty or dirty area: garage, workshop, etc.
  • An insect-infested or outdoor location

Our sealed-battery detectors are fitted with a battery with a maximum life of 10 years under normal conditions of use (with proper product maintenance). The detector battery is not replaceable. The end of battery life means you need to replace your detector.

On replaceable-battery detectors, you can change the battery whenever you need to. The product’s end-of-life is reached after 10 years of operation. End-of-life means that you must replace your detector.

Recycling the detector: A used detector is electronic waste and must be recycled. The detector must be deposited in a dedicated collection bin available from supermarkets, household appliance stores or waste collection centers.
If the detector is replaced by an identical product, the new detector must be compatible with the existing mounting base.

The REMOTE and REMOTE+ remote control is used to operate ORIGIN, ORIGIN+ smoke detectors or AIR, AIR+ carbon monoxide detectors. The remote control can stop the alarm and/or put the detectors on standby for a few minutes. A single REMOTE or REMOTE+ remote control can operate the detectors in all homes. The REMOTE remote control must be located within a maximum radius of 3m from the detector, and the REMOTE+ within a radius of 100m.

To interconnect ORIGIN / GUARD smoke detectors or AIR carbon monoxide detectors, simply press :

  • Press the central button of the first detector twice
  • Press the central button of the second detector twice

An orange LED appears on each product. When the devices are connected, the LEDs on both detectors go out.

To add an additional detector :

  • Press twice on the central button of a detector already in the network and twice on the central button of the new detector to be connected: an orange LED appears on both products.
  • Wait for LEDs to go out: the new detector has successfully joined the existing network.

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