Manage your IoT infrastructure easily with Nexelec

Our solution stands out for its ease of deployment and use, with a complete range of carefully selected LoRaWAN gateways and accessories.

The NAVIXIS IoT management platform, simplifies the monitoring, configuration and management of IoT equipment, offering centralized access to all your devices.

Installation and configuration are straightforward, requiring no advanced technical skills. If you need help, our support team is available to assist you. Reliability is at the heart of our products, ensuring you a quality IoT management solution.

With Nexelec, you have a complete, simple and reliable solution for managing your IoT infrastructure. You can concentrate on exploiting the data and improving your building management.

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IoT management platform

Frequently Asked Questions

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A micro SD card is built into the product. It stores up to 1 year of data in memory. Useful in the event of LTE or Ethernet network outages.

If no LTE network is available, then an Ethernet link can take over. The cable provides both data and power to the gateway up to 100 meters away.

For quick and easy commissioning, the Gateway is factory-set. Plug in the gateway, scan the QR code: your LoRaWAN network is up and running!

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