Since COVID-19, a crucial element has emerged: our growing awareness of the importance of improving IAQ. As we struggle to contain the spread of the virus, it has become imperative to create safe and healthy indoor spaces. These elements have enabled us to rethink the way we view our indoor environments, stimulating innovations and adjustments to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy.

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Published on 29 January 2024

How has Transitia improved its Indoor Air Quality thanks to the Nexelec solution?

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Improving IAQ: a subject not to be neglected

As we consider the importance of Indoor Air Quality, one reality is emerging: it’s the youngest members of our society who suffer most. Indeed, children, with their sensitive immune systems, are the most vulnerable individuals to this indoor pollution. Awareness of the effects on children’s health has led to positive action. Measures implemented to improve Indoor Air Quality benefit children and the population as a whole. In this way, they create healthier environments that are more conducive to everyone’s development.


Unanswered questions

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)? Where does it come from? What are the laws concerning this pollutant? How can we improve IAQ in interior spaces? You’ve probably already asked yourself these questions. This white paper will answer all your questions about CO2 and Indoor Air Quality. What’s more, it will help you learn more about IAQ, the issues involved and the different ways of dealing with it!

Learn more about the collaboration between Transitia and Nexelec.

Thanks to Carbon Dioxide detectors, Transitia has made Indoor Air Quality healthier! This white paper will also tell you what you can do to improve the IAQ of your enclosed spaces.