With the acceleration of climate change and repeated global energy crises, energy sobriety is now an essential priority. In Europe, countries are preparing for rising energy prices and even shortages in the years and months ahead. A number of measures have already been put in place to deal with this situation: capping electricity and gas prices, taxing excessive profits and reducing energy demand.

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Published on 24 October 2023

Energy efficiency in the workplace

In this article:

Energy sobriety: a goal for each and every one of us

Everyone can contribute to energy sobriety: citizens, businesses, local authorities, etc. Many governments have decided to support all consumers, including public companies, in the service, transport and digital sectors. Energy sobriety means reducing energy consumption.
by adjusting uses and objectives to real needs. On October 6, 2022, the French government announced 15 key measures to reduce energy consumption in France. Nexelec outlines the 15 actions for you to implement!


Eco-actions that are easy to apply

Various energy-saving initiatives are aimed at French companies in a wide range of fields. This white paper sets out all the measures applicable to the various sectors of activity, such as :

  • Theme parks
  • The tourism and catering sector The trade sector
  • ski areas
  • the events branch

In addition, you will have access to measures for companies in the transport sector, such as :

  • Public transport and railways
  • Ports and rivers
  • The road transport sector
  • Air transport

Finally, this white paper will enable you to discover the provisions aimed at the digital domain for :

  • Datacenters
  • Telecommunications centers
  • Digital technology sectors


Find out how to reduce your environmental impact

This white paper will help you to develop energy management and actions to support sustainable mobility.