DAAF – Switching the detector on and off

To switch on the detector : Turn the smoke detector over Using tweezers or a paper clip, push the switch downwards For connected versions, the product is operational once the pairing phase has been completed To switch off the detector : Turn the smoke detector over Using tweezers or a paper clip, push the switch […]

SHOU EMA – The EMA in video SHOU EMA – Regulations in video SHOU EMA – Where can I find further information on the evaluation of ventilation systems?

The CSTB has written a note for elected representatives on air confinement, available here, and an application guide, available here. CEREMA has published a regulatory guide available here. Volume 2 (page 19) is devoted to this part of the regulations.

SHOU EMA – How long should I keep the reports?

2 years.

SHOU EMA – How many sensors should I use?

The number of sensors is not set by law, so it’s up to each plant to decide how it wants to organize itself. The measurement lasts 2 hours per room during the heating period. For example, some facilities use a “mobile” sensor that can be moved between different rooms in a facility, or even between […]

SHOU EMA – What parts need to be analyzed?

The assessment is to be applied in classrooms, activity and catering rooms, dormitories and gymnasiums. For establishments with fewer than 6 rooms, the assessment covers all these areas. For plants with more than 6 rooms, the assessment must be carried out in 50% of the rooms, with a minimum of 5 rooms. Whatever happens, we […]

SHOU EMA – Can I do the assessment myself?

Yes, it can be carried out independently, either by technical staff or by users of the premises (teachers, supervisors, etc.).

SHOU EMA – When should I carry out the first assessment?

The assessment is to be carried out for the first time in 2024, and then every year during the heating period.

SHOU EMA – Where can I find detailed information on the regulations?

Indoor air quality monitoring regulations are imposed by the French Environment Code and Decree no. 2022-1689 of December 27, 2022. The text is available here. To provide a clearer picture, CEREMA has published a guide to the implementation of regulatory monitoring. You can consult this guide here .

SHOU EMA – Is regulatory compliance possible on your own?

Yes, with the exception of the work phases, all regulations can be carried out independently.

SHOU EMA – What do these regulations require?

An annual Assessment of Ventilation Equipment (EMA) for buildings, including direct-reading measurements of carbon dioxide concentrations in indoor air. An IAQ self-diagnosis questionnaire to assess practices and associated risks, and identify applicable best practices. This questionnaire must be updated every 4 years. A pollutant measurement campaign to be carried out when work is carried out […]