Sound and light feature

  • Connected


    Remote alerts and notifications

  • Interconnection


    Up to 25 interconnected sensors and accessories

  • Design


    Facilitates acceptance of the system by occupants

  • Flash

  • LED

  • Alarm

  • LoRaWAN

ALERT warns and informs occupants

Equipped with configurable indicator lights and an audible alarm, ALERT is a versatile device for a wide range of situations.

An alert has been triggered and you’d like to be notified?

ALERT integrates a wireless communication module and informs you remotely.

ALERT can also be used to signal a new event to a group of people using instant visual and/or audio notifications (such as meeting room availability, air quality indicator, intruder alert, etc.).

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Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie

Reinforces the fire safety system

A fire can spread in less than 5 minutes, and carbon monoxide is completely odorless.

Every second counts to alert occupants in the event of danger.

Connected CO alarm / Détecteur de CO connecté

Interconnected with detectors

When a smoke detector* triggers an alarm, ALERT reacts instantly, activating both a light signal and an audible alert. The device effectively warns even the most vulnerable occupants, such as the deaf and hard-of-hearing, or people with reduced mobility.

Vibrating cushion compatible

The VIBRATE vibrating cushion (optional) is placed under the pillow to wake the resident if the ALERT light and sound alerts are not heard.

Stay informed at a glance!

Configurable visual indicator

The indicator light adapts to your needs: Green / Orange / Red or white strobe flash. The LED can be configured via smartphone using wireless NFC (associated with the Nexelec TOUCH application) or remotely via LoRaWAN.

Indicator light visible from over 20 metres

ALERT integrates powerful LEDs to effectively warn occupants
Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie

Measures temperature and humidity

ALERT combines the essential functions of a warning device with the advantages of a temperature and humidity sensor.

The device provides effective monitoring of ambient conditions, while guiding you towards energy-saving measures and improved indoor air quality.

To avoid any risk of incorrect measurements, the product should preferably be wall-mounted, more than 50 cm from the ceiling.

Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie

Regulatory compliance

Sensor calibration certificate issued by a COFRAC-accredited independant metrology laboratory


Accuracy: +/- 2% RH


Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C

Superior performance for optimal LoRaWAN® data transmission

Multi-band LoRaWAN transceiver

With the Nexelec TOUCH application and NFC technology, you can quickly and easily configure the product to transmit on the frequency of your choice: Europe (868MHz), USA (915MHz), Australia (923MHz), etc.

Optimized PCB radio antenna

Designed to ensure reliable radio connectivity, even in harsh environments, while limiting power consumption to extend battery life

Enhanced cyber security

Data transmitted by the product is secured from end to end using double AES128 encryption.
Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie

NAVIXIS: the IoT platform that saves you time

Smoke detector. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée

User rights management

Graphical analyses and PDF reports

Real-time alerts or alerts triggered by thresholds

Dashboard and data visualization

Connect and control your LoRaWAN equipment

Suitable for all installation configurations


On a table, desk or cabinet

Anti-tear detection

Triggers an alert message in the application if the product is removed from its mounting base

Anti-theft protection

Lockable mounting base to reduce the risk of removing the unit

3M adhesive fastener

Allows quick installation without screws or plugs. Avoids drilling into walls where asbestos, pipes or cables are present


Wall-mounting or single-user flush-mounting box
Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie


  • Temperature


    Res. : 0.1°C
    Prec. : ±0.2°C
    Measurement range: -30°C to +70°C

  • Humidity


    Res. 0.5% R.H.
    Prec. : ±2% R.H.
    Measurement range: 0 – 100% R.H.


  • Conditions of use

    Indoor environment
    Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
    Humidity: 0% RH to 99% RH (non-condensing)

  • Power supply

    3 battery slots
    1 USB-C socket

  • Mounting type

    Wall-mounted or free-standing

  • Connectivity

    • Smoke alarm. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée
  • Data transmission modes

    On change
    Grouped data (datalog) with transmission redundancy

  • Warranty

    2 years***

  • Set contents

    1 product
    1 x 1.80m USB cable
    1 USB power adapter
    1 lithium battery
    1 mounting base
    2 screws and plugs
    1 3M adhesive fastener

  • Wireless radio interconnection

    Compatbile smoke detectors : ORIGIN / ORIGIN+ / GUARD / GUARD+
    Compatible carbon monoxide detectors: AIR / AIR+
    Compatible heat detector: WARM

  • Certification


Reference Connectivity

Autonomy of over 10 years

USB-C power socket: universal connector for mains power. Replaceable lithium battery provides backup power in the event of a power failure

Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie
Sound and light feature / sécurité incendie

NFC configuration: simple, fast and secure!

The Nexelec TOUCH app, combined with your NFC technology, enables wireless adjustment by simply bringing a smartphone close to your sensor, making the process much simpler for users.

There’s no need to unpack the product, as settings can be made right through the packaging, without the sensor being powered by its battery!

Over 25 configurable parameters :

  • Measurement and data transmission frequencies,
  • Light and sound indicators,
  • Choice of LoRaWAN radio frequency according to geographical area (EU868, US915, AS923, etc.)

And much more.

Discreet and elegant

ALERT combines technology with a modern, minimalist design that blends harmoniously with any interior décor.

Complementary products

*Works only with NEXELEC detectors equipped with a LoRaWAN radio module.

**Battery life not guaranteed for 10 years: battery life may vary.

***Refer to the information available on