Adhesive mounting

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Install your detectors without special tools or holes in walls

  • Approved installation device

    Approved installation device

    Specially designed for NEXELEC detectors certified EN14604 / EN50291 and NF292*

  • Adhesive

Designed for professionals!

Do you have several thousand detectors to install?

Unlike screw and dowel fastening, adhesive fastening does not involve drilling holes in walls or ceilings.

  • Time-saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Less property damage
adhesive mounting fire safety / fixation adhésive détecteur de fumée

Quick installation

1 minute is all it takes to glue the adhesive mount and install a detector

3M adhesive fastener

Avoids drilling into walls and ceilings. Replaces screws and plugs. Useful in the presence of asbestos, pipes or cables

Certified installation

Fixing a detector with screws and plugs sometimes comes up against technical constraints.

Our exclusive installation system provides a reliable, approved solution!

Reliable and robust

Laboratory-tested adhesive. Very high pull-out resistance*. To be used exclusively with NEXELEC BASE and BASE+ detector bases

CE and NF certified

Approved installation device specially designed for NEXELEC smoke or carbon monoxide detectors certified EN14604 / EN50291 and NF292*.
adhesive mounting fire safety / fixation adhésive détecteur de fumée


  • Double-sided adhesive

    Technology: Double-sided viscoelastic acrylic foam


  • Conditions of use

    Indoor environment
    Temperature: -30°C to +70°C
    Humidity: 0% RH to 99% RH (non-condensing)

  • Assembly

    To be used exclusively with NEXELEC BASE and BASE+ detector bases
    Apply only to a smooth, clean surface

  • Set contents

    100 adhesive fasteners


Reference Packaging
S002-PRO 100 pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions

FIX is an approved adhesive fastener for BASE and BASE+ mounting bases.

To attach the FIX adhesive :

  • Peel off the white film
  • Glue FIX to the back of a BASE or BASE+ mounting base
  • Remove the red film
  • Apply strong pressure for 10 seconds to the surface of your choice.
  • Wait 30 seconds before snapping the detector onto its mounting base.

FIX adhesive fastener adapts to most substrates (paint, plastic, glass, metal) provided they are smooth, non-porous and clean.

Resistant to water and high temperatures, FIX can be used in all kinds of spaces: bathrooms, offices, industry, etc.

Featuring 3M’s advanced solvent-free, high-viscosity manufacturing technology, this tablet bonds to all surfaces: plastic, glass, wood, metal, paint, etc.

*Refer to “Installation” in the NEXELEC user manual. AFNOR Certification recommends fixing the detectors with screws and plugs.