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Smoke detector with remote control

Compatible with INSAFE smoke detector mounting base

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Technical information

CONTROL is designed to operate optimally for 10 years and to react quickly to the slightest indication of danger.

Control your detector remotely: Need to test or stop your detector’s alarm? The remote control makes it easy to operate ceiling-mounted devices. For people with reduced mobility (PRM), the elderly or those living in high-rise apartments, the remote control simplifies control of ceiling-mounted detectors.

The detector alerts you in the event of danger: The detector is equipped with a powerful audible alarm, with a range of 85 dB at 3 meters. By way of comparison, this represents the same sound volume as a TGV passing through your corridor.

Guaranteed protection and simplified maintenance: Our detector features Air 360° detection technology. This exclusive design favors the circulation of smoke at the heart of the product for fast, reliable fire detection. Large rear openings simplify annual maintenance of the detector: 30 seconds are all it takes to perfectly clean the device using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

10-year battery life* : Includes 1 sealed and welded lithium battery

Insect screen: The insect screen is an essential element of our detector’s exterior design. It keeps pests out and reduces the risk of nuisance triggers. The anti-insect grille enhances the reliability, longevity and performance of your smoke detector.

Control your detector with your fingertips!

  • Silence function: stops the alarm and/or puts the detector on standby for 10 minutes without removing it from its base.
  • Defer beeps 8 hours: Temporarily silences fault beeps until detector is replaced
  • Signal light: Discreet LED indicator in standby mode, powerful in alarm mode

Quick and safe installation:

  • Compact mounting base: only 3 cm in diameter to avoid damaging the mounting surface
  • Anti-pull-out protection: lockable mounting base to reduce the risk of detector removal in rental housing

*Battery life may vary. Warranty: 2 years. Please refer to the “Precautions and Limitations” section of the user manual.

Sensor: Smoke

Weight: 150g (incl. battery and stand)

Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 30mm

Mounting: Screws and dowels / Adhesive – Wall or ceiling

Operating temperature: +4 – +45°C

Humidity: 0 – 99% RH (non-condensing)

Operating environment : Indoors

Power supply: 1 sealed and soldered lithium battery included

Expected battery life: 10 years*.

Warranty: 2 years

Box contents: 1 detector, 1 remote control, 1 mounting base, 2 screws and plugs, 1 operating instructions

*Battery life may vary. Warranty: 2 years. Please refer to the “Precautions and Limitations” section of the user manual.

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