These days, connected homes are becoming more and more commonplace, and it’s becoming essential to have a universal protocol to connect all our devices. That’s where Matter plays a crucial role. Matter is much more than just a home automation standard; it’s a complete solution designed to unify and simplify communications between all our connected devices.

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Published on 6 May 2024

Discovering Matter

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What is Matter?

Imagine being able to add a new device to your connected home without worrying about whether it’s compatible or having to carry out complex configuration. That’s exactly what Matter offers. Launched in 2022, Matter is a home automation standard developed by an association of leading companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung. Its main objective is to simplify the connectivity of intelligent devices. It eliminates the barriers between different protocols and enables seamless communication between them.


How does Matter work?

Matter devices can communicate via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or the Thread protocol. In addition, a key feature of the solution is its mesh network, where each device can act as a relay for the others. So even devices that are a long way from the hub can stay connected. They use other devices as gateways, guaranteeing extensive network coverage and stable connectivity throughout the home.

To centralise all the data and commands, you need a hub. This device acts as the brain of your connected home. It allows centralised control of all devices from a single app on your phone or tablet. With the hub, you can monitor and control all your connected devices in real time.


The Main Communication Channels

Matter uses two main communication channels to meet the varied needs of connected devices:

  • Wi-Fi: Preferred for high-speed transfers such as video transmission. Wi-Fi offers fast, reliable connectivity for devices requiring high bandwidth.
  • Thread: Used for low-speed exchanges such as sensor data or lighting controls. Thread offers an energy-efficient solution for applications requiring low data consumption.


Standardised communication

One of Matter’s major innovations is its ability to standardise communication between devices from different manufacturers.

The solution is based on open and open source protocols, unlike traditional proprietary systems. This approach enables greater collaboration between manufacturers and developers. This gives consumers greater freedom to choose their devices and ensures a more consistent and simplified user experience.


The benefits of Matter

The benefits of Matter are manifold:

  • More choice for consumers: By standardising communication between devices, Matter gives consumers a greater variety of options and features for their connected home.
  • More consistent experience: By removing the barriers between different protocols, Matter ensures a simple and intuitive user experience, regardless of device manufacturer.