While managing an IoT infrastructure can be laborious and complex, NEXELEC is working hard to make the experience simpler and more accessible.

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Published on 6 September 2023

Simplicity and efficiency: Manage your IoT infrastructure with Nexelec

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Our solution stands out for its ease of deployment and use:


A complete range of LoRAWAN gateways and accessories

Instead of searching for and integrating various components from different suppliers, we offer you a complete range of gateways, antennas and accessories, carefully selected to work in harmony with each other. This eliminates the complexity of compatibility between devices.


Dedicated IoT Management Platform

Our NAVIXIS IoT management platform simplifies the monitoring, configuration and management of NEXELEC IoT equipment. You have centralized access to all your devices, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple interfaces and applications.


Easy installation and configuration

Our solutions are designed for easy installation and configuration. You don’t need advanced technical skills to set up your IoT infrastructure. Our aim is to simplify the process as much as possible.


Support and technical assistance: a single point of contact

If you need help, our support team is on hand to answer your questions and solve your problems. We’re there to support you every step of the way, which removes much of the potential complexity.


Proven reliability

Thanks to our expertise in fire safety and environmental monitoring, you can rely on the reliability of our products and solutions. Simplicity doesn’t mean compromising on quality or performance.


NEXELEC offers you a complete, simple and reliable solution for managing your IoT infrastructure. Our aim is to free you from the technical hassle, so that you can concentrate on what really matters: collecting and using data to improve the management of your buildings.