Sigfox, the global pioneer in connectivity dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), emerged in 2010. This global radio network is based on low-frequency antennas. It is revolutionizing two-way communication for connected objects, with exceptionally low energy consumption.

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Published on 22 April 2024

Discovering Sigfox

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The Sigfox Technological Foundation

Sigfox consists of three essential elements: objects, base stations and the Sigfox cloud. Firstly, objects, also known as “devices”, include sensors, etc. These objects send their data to a base station. These objects send their data to a base station. Secondly, base stations are local Sigfox antennas that receive messages from transmitting devices and transmit them to the Sigfox cloud. Finally, the Sigfox cloud is the central element of this network, where all information is stored, and where data processing takes place.

These elements, supported by innovative technologies such as signal modulation, define the power and efficiency of this network dedicated to the IoT. Moreover, one of the primary advantages lies in the Sigfox network’s ability to receive data emitted by sensors and relay it in turn.

Two-way communication

The network is able to receive data from sensors and relay it back. This feature is particularly useful for remote sensor configuration. It enables actions such as closing shutters, switching off the heating or activating a fan. Some sensor models can be configured remotely, and the Sigfox network stands out as one of the few IoT networks offering this type of process.

Sigfox Distinctive Features

Extensive coverage

The network spans over 70 countries, covering more than a billion people. This global reach makes it an essential solution for IoT applications on an international scale.

Low energy consumption

Devices connected to the network can run for several years on a single battery. This offers an energy-efficient solution for connected objects.

Affordable cost

The technology is cost-effective, making this solution accessible to a wide range of applications for both home and business users.

Easy to use

The network is easy to install and use, making it ideal for IoT applications, eliminating the barriers of technical complexity.

Why choose Sigfox?

Easy to install and no configuration required

The network offers a communications solution where the cloud manages network and IT complexity. Installation is simple, with no configuration required, offering increased accessibility.

Long-range transmission capacity

With a transmission capacity of around 10 km in urban areas and 40 km in rural areas, Sigfox excels in long-range communications.

The Nexelec solution

Nexelec, offers a set of connected sensors using Sigfox technology, and an application to visualize the data. What’s more, this solution combines Nexelec’s cutting-edge sensor and data analysis technology with Sigfox’s extensive, reliable network.

On the Sigfox network, communicating devices can include sensors for:

The Sigfox network is positioned as a revolutionary technology, offering low-cost connectivity. What’s more, it offers remarkable energy efficiency for connected objects. In addition, the network is used in a wide variety of applications (fire safety, carbon dioxide detection, carbon monoxide detection, energy efficiency), and its integration with Nexelec products offers an innovative solution for improving indoor air quality.