Carbon monoxide detector

  • Design


    Facilitates acceptance of the detector by residents

  • Digital detector logbook

    Digital detector logbook

    QR Code + Application for monitoring installation and maintenance of a fleet of detectors

  • Electronic maintenance certificate

    Electronic maintenance certificate

    After each service, a unique certificate is stored in the detector’s secure NFC chip

  • CO

  • 10 years*

Reliable at all times, for maximum safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is extremely hazardous to human health. It is produced by the incomplete combustion of fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil, wood and other combustibles.

Every second counts to warn occupants and enable them to react quickly.

Our carbon monoxide detectors are designed to operate optimally for 10 years, reacting quickly to the slightest indication of danger.

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CO alarm. 10-year battery / Détecteur de CO

A carbon monoxide detector is an essential safety device for protecting property and people. Nexelec attaches particular importance to the reliability of its products.
All our products are individually tested before they go on sale. Each detector is perfectly calibrated with a standard gas to guarantee correct operation.

The detector features Air 360° technology for ambient air analysis. Featuring large openings at the rear, this exclusive design allows gases to flow into the heart of the product for fast, reliable analysis.

By entering the detector, insects can disrupt the device and cause false alarms. The device is therefore equipped with reinforced anti-insect protection. The product’s external design forms a barrier that effectively limits the entry of large insects.

The product features a powerful audible alarm, with a range of 85dB at 3m. By way of comparison, this represents the same sound volume as a TGV passing through your corridor.

Advanced CO safety

Carbon monoxide is a completely odorless, colorless gas that can be fatal.

Every minute counts to alert occupants in the event of danger.

CO alarm. 10-year battery / Détecteur de CO

CO pre-alarm

Our carbon monoxide detectors include a pre-alarm function that is essential for protecting occupants. Above 40 ppm, a red light flashes every 30 seconds on the unit to warn residents. If the CO level does not drop after a certain time, the audible alarm is triggered to allow ventilation and evacuation of the premises.

The first detector designed for professionals

Do you have several thousand homes fitted with detectors?

Operational management of the installed base can quickly become complex, due to frequent changes of residents, maintenance problems and necessary replacements.

Protecting occupants and ensuring regulatory compliance requires a proactive approach.

Our solutions are specifically designed to meet these challenges!

Electronic maintenance certificate

After each maintenance operation, a unique certificate is recorded in the product's secure NFC chip. Detector maintenance (cleaning + function test) is thus certified as compliant by the operator.

Digital detector logbook

QR Code + application to monitor the installation and complete maintenance of a fleet of detectors. The digital logbook is a tracking tool specifically designed to meet the needs of lessors and property maintenance specialists.
Smoke detector. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée

QR'SAFE simplifies the use of detectors

Would you like to raise your residents’ awareness of fire risks, while providing them with clear information on how to use and maintain their detectors?

Enhanced security

QR'SAFE is a QR Code label to be stuck near the detectors so that occupants can learn how to use them optimally thanks to our advice.

Information always available

Residents simply scan the QR Code to access an online web page with all the information they need about their detector: operation, use, test frequency, maintenance, downloadable instructions, videos, etc.

Suitable for all installation configurations

Approved 3M adhesive fastener

CE-certified mounting device for installing the detector without screws or plugs. No need to drill through walls where asbestos, pipes or cables are present

Universal** mounting base

Simplifies replacement of other brands of detectors without drilling new mounting holes

Compact mounting base

Only 3 cm in diameter to avoid damaging the installation surface

Rip-off protection

Lockable mounting base to reduce the risk of detector removal in rental accommodation
Smoke detector. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée

NAVIXIS: the digital logbook for monitoring detectors

Smoke detector. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée

Complete history

Traceability of installation and maintenance of each device: useful information for insurance purposes or regulatory inspections

Ease of management

Information is stored and accessible online for simplified, centralized monitoring of a fleet of several thousand products.

API interface and connectors

The digital notebook integrates easily with your favorite management software thanks to our APIs and dedicated connectors

Automated tracking

The logbook can be configured to send reminders when it's time to check or replace products

Control your detector with your fingertips!

Need to test or stop your detector’s alarm?

It’s easy and simple to do, thanks to the large touch-sensitive button on the front of the product

Silence function

Stops the alarm and/or puts the detector on standby for 10 minutes without removing it from its base.

12-hour beep delay

Temporarily silences fault beeps until detector is replaced

Signal light

Discreet LED indicator in standby mode, powerful in alarm mode

The carbon monoxide detector has 3 different LEDs:
– Green: in operation
– Orange: maintenance to be scheduled
– Red: danger, carbon monoxide alert


  • Carbon monoxide

    Carbon monoxide

    Technology : CO detection
    by electrochemical sensor
    CO: 0 – 1.000 ppm
    Resolution: 1 ppm


  • Terms of use

    Indoor environment
    Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
    Humidity: 10% RH to 95% RH

  • Mounting type

    Wall, ceiling or free-standing

  • Set contents

    1 detector
    1 BASE+ mounting base
    1 FIX adhesive fastener
    2 nylon screws and plugs
    1 user manual

  • Warranty

    5 years***

  • Certification


  • Dimensions

    105 x 105 x 35 mm


Reference Battery
X345CM 10 years

10-year battery life

  • Very low power consumption for the detector and on-board electronics
  • Includes sealed and welded lithium battery
Smoke detector. 10-year battery / Détecteur de fumée
Connected CO alarm / Détecteur de CO connecté

Sustainable and eco-responsible

Nexelec is committed to responsible electronics. Our approach integrates respect for the environment right from the design stage. We choose sustainable materials, reduce energy consumption and aim to increase the longevity of our devices.

Read our environmental policy

Download the SECURE+ environmental datasheet

Discover the 2024 Fire Safety catalog!

For over fifteen years, Nexelec has been dedicated to building surveillance, with occupant safety at the heart of its commitment.

Discover our range of reliable and innovative stand-alone detectors.

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CO alarm. 10-year battery / Détecteur de CO

Who says a CO detector can't be stylish?

Most residents consider carbon monoxide detectors to have an imposing and unattractive design.

Our product combines technology with a modern, minimalist design that blends harmoniously with any interior décor.

Design & Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions

WARNING: for your own safety, do not disable your detector if it is operating correctly!

To switch off a sealed-battery detector, simply take a paper clip, insert it into the square hole at the back of the product, and pull slightly to raise the switch. If the detector has a changeable battery, simply remove the battery to switch the product off.

Please wait at least 20 seconds before switching the detector back on.

Our sealed-battery detectors are fitted with a battery with a maximum life of 10 years under normal conditions of use (with proper product maintenance). The detector battery is not replaceable. The end of battery life means you need to replace your detector.

On replaceable-battery detectors, you can change the battery whenever you need to. The product’s end-of-life is reached after 10 years of operation. End-of-life means that you must replace your detector.

Recycling the detector: A used detector is electronic waste and must be recycled. The detector must be deposited in a dedicated collection bin available from supermarkets, household appliance stores or waste collection centers.
If the detector is replaced by an identical product, the new detector must be compatible with the existing mounting base.

The carbon monoxide detector (DAACO) can quickly detect high concentrations of this gas in the air and warn occupants of a room so they can take appropriate action. This gas is odorless, invisible and toxic: inhaling CO can trigger headaches, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and can even be fatal.

Carbon monoxide emissions


The source of the CO may come from :

  • Oil, coal and gas heating equipment…
  • Wood stoves
  • Gas and fire boilers
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Barbecues
  • Gas appliances such as stove, oven, refrigerator…

Complementary products


*The battery is designed for a non-guaranteed life of 10 years: battery life may vary. Please refer to the “Precautions and Limitations” section of the user manual.

**Optional accessories available on request

***Refer to the “Warranty” section of the user manual