The electronic maintenance certificate, a unique certificate to certify the servicing and maintenance of your detectors.

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Published on 25 July 2023

Electronic maintenance certificate

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An electronic certificate* for all your detectors


The installation of smoke detectors in homes is a major safety feature. These devices are designed to rapidly detect the presence of smoke in the event of a fire. They then trigger an audible alarm, enabling occupants to react quickly and leave the building in complete safety. This helps save lives, minimize property damage and provide peace of mind in the event of a fire emergency. Smoke detectors have become an essential safety measure. They are often regulated by local or national authorities.

Nexelec’s electronic certificate for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors has two advantages for lessors and property maintenance specialists:

Guaranteeing regulatory compliance for landlords

In some situations, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the smoke detectors. The electronic maintenance certificate provides security for the landlord, enabling him to attest to the regular maintenance and good working order of the smoke detector.


Ensuring reliable detector maintenance

After each maintenance operation, a unique, forgery-proof certificate is recorded in the product’s secure NFC chip. The operator can then certify that the detector has been properly maintained (annual cleaning + functional test).




*Option available depending on part number. Please refer to detailed product data sheets to check compatibility with this feature.