Flashable QR Code label for Nexelec room sensors

  • Educate occupants about the use of room sensors

    Educate occupants about the use of room sensors

    Place this label near the sensors so that occupants can get to know them and use them optimally, thanks to our tips

  • Enhanced safety

    Enhanced safety

    All the information on Nexelec sensors is available online via a flashable QR Code

  • Adhesive

Raise awareness among your occupants!

Are you deploying thousands of sensors on your property, and want to make your residents aware of how to use room sensors?

QR’LOOK makes it easy to access information simply by scanning a QR Code.

  • Simplified access to essential information
  • Practical complement to user information

Information always at hand

Occupants simply scan the QR Code to access an online web page containing all the information they need on their sensor: operation, use, maintenance, downloadable instructions, videos, etc.

Easy to install

Apply and remove the label without damaging the substrate, thanks to a highly effective removable adhesive for clean removal from most surfaces

A single QR code for all sensors

Minimize the risk of errors when applying labels near sensors: QR'LOOK is suitable for all sensors in the Nexelec range!


  • Adhesive

    Technology: Polypropylene with heat-sensitive and protective coatings


  • Terms of use

    Indoor environment

  • Mounting

    Apply to a smooth, clean surface

  • Box content

    Roll of 500 labels

  • Dimensions

    56 x 26 mm


Reference Conditioning
D995A_EN Roll of 500 labels

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