Special attention to carbon monoxide detection is essential. Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas, fatal in large doses. Odorless and invisible, it is generated by the improper combustion of fossil fuels. To avert this danger, we strongly recommend that you fit a carbon monoxide detector (CMD) in your home or in a room.

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Published on 26 February 2024

Installation of carbon monoxide detectors

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Installation of a carbon monoxide detector

To ensure the safety of your home, we recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector. This device will emit an audible signal, alerting occupants to the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in the room.

Although not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to install a detector in a dwelling. The device must be CE marked and comply with European standard EN50291-1. These endorsements prove that the detector has passed sufficient tests to comply with safety requirements.

To ensure proper operation, we recommend testing the product once a week. What’s more, to maintain its efficiency, we recommend dusting it using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.


Where to install your carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can have serious or even fatal consequences. However, it is often difficult to detect due to the absence of visual or olfactory signals. That’s why we recommend installing a smoke detector in a strategic location to ensure effective protection:

  • In every room with a fuel-burning appliance
  • In the home’s night spaces
  • Wall-mounted


Nexelec offers a wide range of carbon monoxide detectors designed to make homes safer. What’s more, the technology embedded in the detectors means they can warn occupants of danger. In the presence of carbon monoxide (CO), they emit a powerful audible signal.