Carbon Dioxide Sensor

  • Design


    Modern design, easily accepted by residents

  • Monitors indoor air quality

    Monitors indoor air quality

    The CO2 sensor analyzes the atmosphere every 10 minutes and informs if it is necessary to ventilate or close the window

  • CO2

Improve indoor air quality with the CO2 detector

Accurate measurement of CO2 levels is essential to ensure healthy air. The AERO LITE detector features a tricolour LED indicator system that provides an immediate understanding of the CO2 level, enabling preventive or corrective action to be taken.

The “ppm” trigger threshold can be reconfigured locally using the Nexelec TOUCH application and wireless NFC technology.

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Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Capteur CO2

The product features Air 360° technology for ambient air analysis. Featuring large openings at the rear, this exclusive design allows gases to flow into the heart of the product for fast, reliable analysis.

Monitor CO2 levels at a glance!

Every 10 minutes, AERO LITE analyzes CO2 levels and visually alerts occupants when it’s time to change the indoor air.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Capteur CO2

Instantaneous measurement

Easy to operate thanks to the button on the front of the sensor. Useful for occupants or technicians (function can be disabled)

Regulatory compliance

Direct-reading sensor compliant with French standards for measuring CO2 concentration in indoor air

Indicator light

The Green / Orange / Red indicator changes with the CO2 level and alerts you when it's time to ventilate to renew the indoor air.

Fast and secure installation

Easy to install

Free-standing on a desk or wall-mounted. Adhesive mount included

Anti-theft protection

Lockable mounting base reduces risk of sensor removal

Compact mounting base

Only 3 cm in diameter to avoid damaging the installation surface
Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Capteur CO2


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

    Technology: Dual-channel Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
    Resolution: 1 ppm
    Accuracy: ±(30 ppm + 3% of measured value)
    Measurement range: 0 to 10.000 ppm


  • Power supply

    1 USB-C socket

  • Conditions of use

    Indoor environment
    Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
    Humidity: 0% RH to 99% RH (non-condensing)

  • Mounting type

    Wall-mounted or free-standing

  • Warranty

    2 years*

  • Certification

  • Set contents

    1 sensor
    1 mounting base
    1 removable stand
    1 AC adapter + 1.8m USB-C cable
    2 nylon screws and plugs
    1 3M® adhesive fastener


Reference Battery
I410LT_FND_S 15 years

Optimum performance

  • On-board technology and CO2 sensor are energy-efficient
  • No batteries. The AERO LITE has a USB-C socket, so you don’t have to worry about this detail.
room sensor building / capteur d'ambiance
room sensor building / capteur d'ambiance

NFC configurable

The Nexelec TOUCH app, combined with NFC technology, enables wireless adjustment by simply bringing a smartphone close to your sensor, making the process much simpler for users.

This allows you to configure the CO2 thresholds to suit your needs. These products comply with the new 2022 regulations.

Set-up can be carried out through the packing carton.

Who says an IoT sensor can't be elegant?

Thanks to its small size and sleek design, AERO LITE fits perfectly into any environment.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Capteur CO2

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions

NFC is a magnetic field technology used to exchange data between two nearby devices.

NFC is used to configure Nexelec sensors.

To configure your sensor, simply :

  • Download the free Nexelec TOUCH application onto your smartphone
  • Place the smartphone against the central part of the sensor
  • Follow the instructions on the TOUCH application


The calibration process is performed automatically by the device every 8 days. No maintenance required. The reliability of CO2 measurements is guaranteed throughout the product’s lifetime.

You can also calibrate the CO2 sensor manually:

1. Place your product near an open window for at least 2 minutes.
2. Quickly press the product’s central button 6 times
The green LED lights up throughout the calibration process (for approx. 10 seconds).
Once the LED has gone out, manual calibration is complete.

Correct ventilation of communal areas helps reduce the risk of viruses spreading through the air.
Measuring CO2 levels enables you to quickly check the quality of air renewal, and encourages occupants to air the room if necessary.

CO2 can cause headaches, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, mild nausea and rapid heart rate.
NEXELEC’s CO2 sensors provide reliable and accurate measurement of CO2 concentration.

NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensors offer highly accurate measurement of CO2 levels. They use infrared spectroscopy to specifically detect CO2 molecules, enabling reliable and consistent measurements.

NDIR sensors are designed to maintain their calibration and accuracy over long periods, making them a durable choice for continuous monitoring of CO2 levels.

NDIR sensors are effective and reliable in an environment where CO2 levels reach at least a minimum of 400 ppm for several consecutive hours: at night and at weekends in communal areas, during the day in a bedroom.

*Please refer to the information available on the website.