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5-in-1 ambient sensor
Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Brightness, Presence

Connectivity: LoRaWAN
Frequency: EU868 MHz

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Technical information

The connected room sensor designed for professionals: with its 3 dedicated sensors, MOVE offers lighting and energy optimization, acoustic monitoring, space and safety management, and automation scenario options.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring

  • Presence detection: motion sensor detects people up to 6 m away
  • Noise environment under control: Measures noise and identifies noise pollution
  • Measures ambient light: The brightness sensor measures the amount of light in the room

Reliable, precise temperature and humidity measurements: To avoid any risk of incorrect measurements, particular attention has been paid to integrating the temperature and humidity sensors into the product.

Quick installation: 3M adhesive fastening, anti-theft protection, anti-tear detection

Battery life of over 7 years*: Includes 2 SAFT 2600 mAh high-density replaceable batteries

NFC configuration: The Nexelec TOUCH application, combined with NFC technology, enables wireless setting by simply bringing a smartphone close to your sensor, making the process much simpler for users.


*Typical autonomy (not guaranteed) with 2 SAFT LS14500 batteries: LoRaWAN SF10, Measurement 10 min, periodic transmission 30 min

Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Brightness, Noise, Presence

Weight: 150g (incl. battery and stand)

Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 23mm

Mounting: Screws and dowels / Adhesive – Wall or ceiling

Operating temperature : -20 – +50°C

Humidity: 0 – 99% RH (non-condensing)

Operating environment : Indoors

Power supply: 2 replaceable lithium batteries included

Expected battery life: 7 years

Warranty: 2 years

Box contents: 1 sensor, 2 batteries included, 1 mounting base, 2 nylon screws and plugs, 1 3M® adhesive fastener

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 cm