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2-in-1 ambient sensor
Temperature, Humidity

Connectivity: LoRaWAN
Frequency: EU868 MHz

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Technical information

Connected temperature sensor

The sensor designed for professionals: FEEL continuously measures temperature and humidity in offices and homes to guarantee optimum comfort.

The data collected by room sensors is essential to the smooth running of many buildings. Our wireless and wifi-free products offer exceptional reliability, stable IoT connectivity, long battery life and consistently accurate measurements. Easy to manage and configure, our connected devices can be deployed in large numbers, to ensure the efficiency of your operations and keep your customers satisfied.

In a nutshell

  • Connected temperature and humidity sensor
  • LoRaWAN radio protocol
  • Accelerated air quality improvement
  • For greater indoor comfort: measures ambient parameters in offices or homes
  • Precise temperature and humidity measurements
  • Ideal for indoor environments (homes, professional buildings, apartment blocks, etc.)

Technical features

Reliable, precise temperature and humidity measurements

To avoid any risk of erroneous measurements, particular attention has been paid to integrating the temperature and humidity sensors into the device. Rigorous testing and strict validation protocols guarantee the accuracy and operation of the sensor in extreme operating conditions ranging from -20°C to +50°C and from 0 to 99% ambient humidity.

The product combines the devices used separately: the thermometer and the hygrometer, and provides additional functionality thanks to its connectivity.

Quick installation

Easy to install: free-standing, wall-mounted or on a single-user flush-mounting box

3M adhesive fastener: allows quick installation of the temperature and humidity sensor, without screws or plugs. Avoids drilling into walls where asbestos, pipes or cables are present.
Anti-theft protection: Lockable mounting base to reduce the risk of removing the temperature and humidity sensor.
Anti-pull-out detection: Triggers an alert message if the temperature/humidity sensor is removed from its mounting base

Battery life in excess of 10 years*

Includes 1 SAFT 2600 mAh high-density replaceable battery, 1 additional battery holder to double the available autonomy.

Very low energy consumption of temperature and humidity sensors, and on-board electronics

NFC configuration

The Nexelec TOUCH app, combined with NFC technology, enables wireless setting by simply bringing a smartphone close to your sensor, making the process much simpler for users.

Over 25 configurable parameters:

  • Measurement and data transmission frequencies,
  • Indicator lights and sounds,
  • Choice of LoRaWAN radio frequency according to geographical area (EU868, US915, AS923, etc.)

There’s no need to unpack FEEL, as settings can be made through the packaging, without the sensor being powered by its battery!

One-click measurement of ambient parameters

Need to take an immediate measurement and share the data? It’s now possible and easy to do, thanks to the button on the front of the sensor.

Enhanced cyber security

Data transmitted by the product is secured from end to end thanks to double AES128 encryption.

No more data loss with the Navixis application!

Historical Data Mode + Redundancy function: measurements can be grouped in a single LoRaWAN frame to limit the number of radio transmissions, and are sent 3 times to maximize their reception by the network gateway.

Multi-band LoRaWAN transceiver

With the Nexelec TOUCH application and NFC technology, you can quickly and easily configure the connected product to transmit on the frequency of your choice: Europe (868MHz), USA (915MHz), Australia (923MHz), etc.


Requires a connectivity solution and/or data supervision application. Contact us for more information

*Typical autonomy (not guaranteed) with 1 SAFT LS14500 battery: LoRaWAN SF10, Measurement 10 min, periodic sending 30 min

Sensor characteristics


Temperature, Humidity

Weight: 150g (incl. battery and stand)

Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 23 mm

Mounting: Screws and plugs / Adhesive – Wall or ceiling

Operating temperature: -20 – +50°C

Humidity: 0 – 99% RH (non-condensing)

Operating environment: Indoor

Power supply: 1 replaceable lithium battery included, second battery can be added to double battery life

Expected battery life: 10 years

Warranty: 2 years

Box contents: 1 temperature sensor, 1 battery included (an additional battery can be added to double the product’s autonomy), 1 mounting base, 2 nylon screws and plugs, 1 3M® adhesive fastener

Price: €59 excl.

Delivery subject to stock availability


In a nutshell :

  • Connected temperature and humidity sensor
  • LoRaWAN radio protocol
  • Accelerated air quality improvement
  • For greater indoor comfort: measures ambient parameters in offices or homes
  • Precise temperature and humidity measurements
  • Ideal sensor for indoor environments (homes, business premises, buildings, etc.)


Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal humidity level?

Humidity comes from a variety of sources, including human activity, breathing and architectural design problems. Air that’s too dry dries out the respiratory tract, and humidity that’s too high promotes allergies. Ideally, the humidity level in an enclosed space should be between 40% and 60%.

What’s the difference with a thermometer?

Let’s compare temperature sensors with thermometers. A connected temperature and humidity sensor offers advanced features such as remote monitoring, long-term data analysis and integration with other devices, while a conventional thermometer is limited to an instant temperature reading without these additional features. A conventional thermometer is generally a stand-alone device that only measures temperature directly, without the possibility of connecting to other devices or networks (wifi, LoRaWAN) to share data. The thermometer provides an instant temperature reading, but does not allow long-term variations to be tracked or analyzed.

What’s the difference with a hygrometer?

A connected temperature and humidity sensor differs from a conventional hygrometer in its advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities. Unlike a traditional hygrometer, which simply provides a reading of ambient humidity, a connected hygrometer can be linked to a LoRaWAN network, enabling humidity data to be monitored and recorded remotely.

How do I configure the product for NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a magnetic field technology used to exchange data between the product and a smartphone. There’s no need for WiFi to use the temperature and humidity probes.

To configure the sensors, simply :

Download the free Nexelec TOUCH application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
Select the product and follow the instructions in the app.
Where to install the temperature sensor?

In an enclosed space, heat rises and stagnates on the ceiling, where the temperature is de facto a little higher than in the rest of the room. To ensure that the device measures room temperature correctly, we recommend mounting the product on a wall at least 50 cm below the ceiling.

What is the ideal room temperature?

The ideal temperature in a home can vary according to individual preferences, the season and other factors such as the insulation of the house or apartment. In general, however, a comfortable temperature for most people lies between 18°C and 22°C. The connected temperature and humidity sensor, unlike a thermometer, gives you perfect control over the atmosphere in your home.

How much does it cost?

The FEEL connected temperature and humidity sensor costs €59 excluding VAT.

How long does it take to deliver the product?

Products can be delivered quickly if they are available in stock.

How can I retrieve data from the sensor?

The sensors are connected via the LoRaWAN radio protocol. There’s no need for WiFi to use the sensor. Thanks to the Navixis application we’ve developed, you can easily retrieve temperature and humidity data from your various sensors, regardless of their location.


In a nutshell :

  • Connected temperature and humidity sensor
  • LoRaWAN radio protocol
  • Accelerated air quality improvement
  • For greater indoor comfort: measures ambient parameters in offices or homes
  • Precise temperature and humidity measurements
  • Ideal sensor for indoor environments (homes, business premises, buildings, etc.)

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Are you deploying thousands of sensors in your buildings, and want to raise occupants’ awareness of ambient sensors?

Enhanced safety: QR’LOOK is a QR Code label to be affixed near temperature and humidity sensors, inside the house or apartment, so that occupants can learn how to use the sensors and their data optimally, thanks to our advice.

Information always available: occupants simply scan the QR Code to access an online web page containing all the information they need on their temperature and humidity sensor or probe: operation, use, maintenance, instructions, data, videos, etc.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 cm

EnOcean, LoRaWAN, Sigfox


EU868 MHz, US915 MHz, 2.4 GHz